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November 25, 2017


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Unit STaC

All Clubs in UNIT 102, 219 & 240 & 243 are invited to participate in the upcoming SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT to be held at the CLUB Level.  Hand records will be provided so that all players playing at a session will be playing the same hands as all other players throughout the UNITs. All awards are  SILVER POINTS . Overall awards are based on Total Results of all games held at a specific session. The overall awards will be large as all the sections (5 table minimum) will be combined in the Units for overall ranking.

January 15 - 21, 2018

Results at end of week

Monday, January 15 Tuesday, January 16
    9:00am - Pompano Beach D.B.C.

 7:00pm - Walker's Bridge Club

  7:00pm - Another Bridge Club
Wednesday, January 17 Thursday, January 18
    9:00am - Pompano Beach D.B.C.
    7:00pm - Another Bridge Club

Friday, January 19

Saturday, January 20

    9:00am - Pompano Beach D.B.C.

Sunday, January 21

    1:00pm - Pompano Beach D.B.C.

All events are single session Stratified Open Pairs unless noted.

A = 2000+, B = 750-2000, C = 0-750

Schedule subject to change.  Check back often for more updates!

Click here for Club Information.

Upcoming Events

San Diego, Carlifornia
November 23 - December 3

Coral Springs Winter Regional
Ft Lauderdale, Mariott
December 11-17

Multi-Unit STaC
January 15-21, 2018

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